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Opsview and large check results (patch NSCA)

Ton posted how to increase the NRPE data load to 16k. But if you use Opsview in a distributed environment (got slaves) you also have to adjust NSCA for large output.

That’s quite easy. Patch and recompile nsca-2.7.2 and change the nsca binary on the master and send_nrpe on the slaves. So the now-up-to-16k check results are sent to, and recieved by, the master. Here’s the NSCA-2.7.2 16k patch containing the necessary changes to common.h.

Visualize your nagios configuration

It’s unfair: The database admin got his DB layout, net network admin the network diagram. The sysadmin looses.

Now you’re able to plot the Nagios configuration with plot-config.pl to compete with others! ¬†And it comes in handy to show it off, search for errors or documentation.

plot-config.pl walks through nagios configuration files and draws depencies between hosts (parent-child) and (optionally) shows the services per host. You can plot the graphviz graph bottom-up or left-right and even neato or circo graphs. Though the output is a colored SVG it’s jut a quick & dirty hack.

Here an example output of plot-config.pl (without services):

very minimal output of plog-config.pl
very minimal output of plog-config.pl