gentoo: stablize a ~x86 system

Of course I run gentoo and I like it to stick to the latest (masked) Gnome version. As it is quite a task to control every package prior to adding it to package.keywords, I worte upgrade_all.

‘upgrade_all’ walks through ‘world’ and finds all packages that would be downgraded on next emerge, shows the according eix-stanza and prompts before adding a stablilizing line to package.keywords. Though it’s a quick shot it works for me, so feel free to edit and extend it, but don’t forget to let me know.

2 thoughts on “gentoo: stablize a ~x86 system”

  1. I’ve used Gentoo quite a bit a nbumer of years ago, but am glad I stepped forward to Ubuntu.Your posts have brought back a lot of memories, but no nostalgic ones. Many of the points you mark as strong points of Gentoo I am happy to be rid of.Many things even sound archaïc. Compiling your packages? Manually merging config files?And everything else is in Ubuntu.Disclaimer: I have noticed I am not as hard-core as many nerds. I am a pragmatic person, and my OS is a productivity tool, not a hobby of mine. It needs to work, fast and efficiënt with as little customising needed as possible.

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